Outlining Custom Fonts

There aren't many ways to deal with this problem but if you'd like to make sure your favorite font that you took so long to choose prints correctly, be sure to outline your fonts.

Outlining converts the fonts to geometric shapes and embeds them in to the document so that when the printer opens the file, the fonts display properly as opposed to being substituted for a similar font in the computer its being opened in.

It's recommended to save the Outlined file with a separate name; if the Outlined file is saved on top of the original file, then you will not be able to make any edits. 

If you cannot outline your fonts, be sure to provide the font file (.ttf or .otf) used to create your design. Make sure there is no licensing issue with the provided fonts as Imperial Printing is not responsible for copyright infringement. It is not possible for Imperial Printing to buy and stock each and every font available so this is a must for proper print-ready file.

Converting Fonts to Outlines in Adobe Illustrator

1) Select text

2) In menu bar (Type> Create Outlines)

Alternatively, you should be able to right click the text and select Create Outlines.

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