What Is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment is one of our core services. We receive your stock, organize and store it, then pack and ship your orders for you. Of course, there’s a bit more to the whole process, but that’s the gist of it...

Here’s an overview of our Fulfillment service, and what you get for your fulfillment fees.

1. Inventory is Delivered to Imperial Printing

The first step is getting your inventory to us. How this happens depends on where your stock originates.

If we printed your products, we'll stock the finished products in our warehouse. When an order is needed, you’ll login to your custom portal, browse, add to cart, and check out to place the needed products.

Once we receive your goods, the real magic begins.

2. Imperial Printing Receives, Sorts & Stores Your Stock

Imperial receives your inventory shipments in much the same way any e-commerce warehouse or retail store receives inventory.

We will sort and check in your stock, then tag or label it to work within our inventory tracking system. If we discover missing or damaged inventory upon check-in, we document the shortage or damage and notify you immediately.

We use an internal SKU number system with barcode labels and scanners to track the location and quantities of goods in our warehouse.

After check-in, your goods are moved to storage.

We will track your order volume over time and judge how much of each product needs to be stored in each area. We’ll even use this data to help you better forecast your inventory purchases. Remember, we're your partner, not just a service vendor. We have interest in seeing you succeed and grow and will provide any sales or inventory data you need to make sound purchasing decisions.

3. Customer Orders Route to Imperial Printing

Once your inventory is safely delivered to, received by, and stored, we’re now ready to process your orders.

If you don’t have an order receiving system in place, we can provide an online portal for manual order entry by you or your staff. We will even take care of this task for you or will accept your orders via phone or email.

4. Pick, Pack & Ship

Once we receive your orders, we’ll process the orders for shipment and get them on their way to you or your other locations. This process is commonly called pick, pack, and ship. Here’s how each step works in detail:

Picking Products

During the picking step, our staff picks your requested items from inventory. As mentioned above, ordered items are usually picked from bins or storage areas near the packing station for efficiency. Once picked, staff scans or checks the products against the order for accuracy then moves picked items to the packing areas to prepare shipments.

Packing Orders

In packing, staff again compare the picked items to the order to ensure accuracy, then pack products as required. We usually designate specific shipping boxes, mailers, and packing materials to ensure safe delivery of your items. They can even help you develop customized packaging for a branded unboxing experience or assemble several products into a packaged group, which is called kitting.

However your products are to be packaged for shipping, that all happens in this step. Then packing staff completes this step by inserting any order receipts, gift receipts, return labels, and/or inserts needed.

Shipping Parcels

Once packed, our staff seals boxes, weighs orders, and labels them for shipment. If you picked a specific shipping method or carrier, that is how the order will be shipped. If not, we will rate-shop to find the lowest rate and reasonable delivery time for each order. That helps cut your shipping costs while keeping you happy with quick deliveries. Remember, fulfillment companies usually ship in great volume with all carriers, so you’ll enjoy far lower shipping rates than you’d get shipping on your own.

Once shipped, we will update the order status to your ordering portal. You can even set up an automatic email notification that sends shipping information to you so you can track the status of their delivery.

Upon arrival of your product, the process is complete.

Why Businesses Use Imperial's Fulfillment Service

Now that you know how our fulfillment works and a bit more about the process, you just need to decide if outsourcing or in-house fulfillment is best for your business. There are pros and cons to each, but these are the top reasons why businesses go our fulfillment service rather than do it all themselves.

What is fulfillment?


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